" Review I was looking at the painting , which is indeed a beautiful creation of a spiritual mind and brings peace in every mind."
-A P J Abdul Kalam (President of India)

" Rita's images of Rajasthan blend imagination with realism. Impressions and touches of creativity endow her landscape with vivid feelings."
- Sunday Herald

" Rita Jhunjhunwala's oils are slick and fetching compositions in imaginative colours. The artist handels colours with felicity and grace."
-Statesman, Kolkata

"The paintings are dramatically calm with bold brush strokes guided by a deft hand reminiscent of the Bengal school...."
-India Today

" 'Rita is a painter of the modern life- of its urgent impulses, its colour and rhythm, its hopes, destitution and agony. Over a period of time she evolved an original style. The smaller a canvas becomes, the greater care artist takes to choose each brush stroke. Brilliant was portrayal of a fort atop a hillock…"
- The Economic Times, New Delhi

" The tone of her paintings is somber and muted. Her paintings have captured the essence of desert. The muted colours in the background provide a good backdrop to the vibrant hues in the dresses of the characters. "
-The Times of India

" Mesmerizing show "
-Evening News

" 'In fact, Rita is a creature in love with life, endeavouring to fill each hour with meaning, investing each persona and scenery she adorns with taste, style and feeling that only she can pour forth rising above the hard-core professionals to emerge as a real woman of substance. "
-Newslead Allahbad

" 'The artists lets the texture of the canvas play a role, but this she intelligently controls such that when playing a host of colours against it, she creates a new amalgam that speaks of a reinvigorating experience."
-Indian Express

" The artist has evolved a persoal idiom with great success. ....These works of love and viewing her paintings was a very satisfying experience."
-The Asian Age

" 'The lyrical idea is expressed with such delicacy that it creats its own wistful atmosphere, enabling the viewer to strike an instant rapport with the paintings. ... The artist seemed completely at ease in using the technique of chiaroscuro or the management of light and shade."
-Economic Times